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R410A Refrigerant
Reasons for Replacing The Indoor Unit at the same time.
13 SEER Condenser
Uncased Evaporator Coil
R - 410A
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Pricing Includes Installation and Taxes

Replacement Condenser and Evaporator Coil
1.5 Ton Condenser 13ACX-18-230 w/Evaporator Coil
2 Ton Condenser 13ACX-24-230 w/Evaporator Coil
2.5 Ton Condenser 13ACX-30-230 w/Evaporator Coil
3 Ton Condenser 13ACX-36-230 w/Evaporator Coil
3.5 Ton Condenser 13ACX-42-230 w/Evaporator Coil
4 Ton Condenser 13ACX-48-230 w/Evaporator Coil
5 Ton Condenser 13ACX-60-230 w/Evaporator Coil
14 SEER Condenser
Add $300 for 14 SEER
Includes Flush of Existing Refrigerant Line Set